What Can You Expect as Your Cat Ages?

When cats get older they may suffer from several illnesses such as poor appetite, reduced eye sight, kidney disease and other age-related conditions. Cats age more slowly compared to dogs, but of course they still age. Osteoarthritis is one of the common conditions most cats suffer when they get older. HOWEVER, the signs exhibited by your cat, can be very subtle.  Cats can show signs of irritation and general grumpiness when lifted or stroked, reduced interaction with owners is often noticed, they can’t jump anymore, possibly some urinary incontinence and sleep more, not wanting to play or go outside.

Osteoarthritis, is very common in older cats and yet it is very hard to diagnose. In surveys involving taking x-rays of cats to look at their joints, almost 80% of older cats have some arthritis and joint degeneration present. As cats are so good at hiding any symptoms of joint pain and stiffness many owners are totally unaware that their cats may be in some pain and discomfort.

As 2 veterinarians with more than 30 years’ experience, we decided to try and help these cats live longer happier lives and we’ve created a formulation of natural products based around green lipped mussel, that should help many of these cats.

We’ve conducted a lot of practical research and carefully studied the best ingredients to develop a highly palatable liquid formula to help cats be as comfortable and as pain free as possible as they grow older. So, FlexiCat was born. FlexiCat is a gel formulation joint and mobility supplement for cats. It helps soothe stiff joints, relieve some of the pain of arthritis, and promote mobility and comfort for these older felines.

Key Features:

✓ Carefully selected ingredients help support damaged joints 
✓ Promotes feline mobility
✓ Aids stiff joints
✓ Easier than pills or tablets, this is very important for cats 
✓ Recommended for cats of all sizes 
✓ Easy to administer 
✓ 100% Natural Premium Safe Ingredients, has high concentrations of Green Lipped Mussel.
✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

 Why is FLEXICAT Liquid Joint Supplement for Cats’ so different? 

This formulation has been designed and tested by 2 Cat Veterinarians with over 30 years’ experience. 

Available in a pre-measured liquid pump allowing easy blending with your cat’s daily food and increased compliance. The gel is highly palatable for your cat and being liquid is rapidly absorbed. The carefully selected ingredients help many other signs and symptoms related to feline osteoarthritis and old age, including reluctance to use the litter tray, matted fur caused by reduced grooming, reluctance to play and many cats become grumpy or aggressive when handled.

Cats can show signs of arthritis and joint pain in several different ways. Through reduced mobility, resistance to use the litter tray, matted fur and less grooming, reluctance to play or go outside, and being grumpier in general. Flexicat Gel is a complementary feed that uniquely combines proven high strength glycosaminoglycans, Omega 3 fatty acids and Green Lipped Mussel with essential co-factors Vitamin C and Manganese for maximum effectiveness. 

The product is available for sale in the UK and Europe on Amazon.

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