The best way to find a loving cat sitter in your area

Cats are great companions for a busy urban lifestyle. They are self-sufficient when you’re out and about, and a brilliant stress relief for when you’re home. Giving you lots of playtime and cuddles to remind you that there is more to life than just work.

But what happens when you have to go away on business or your well-deserved holiday? What if your friends and family members aren’t available to take care of your fur baby while you’re gone?

You could send your kitty to a cattery, but make sure you do your homework, book well in advance and prepare your cat for unfamiliar surroundings. As most cats are very territorial and can get very stressed, this may not be an ideal solution for everyone.

In fact some owners find the thought of sending their fur babies to an unfamiliar place so stressful they can’t even imagine going on holiday!

So then there’s the option of using a local cat sitter, and that’s where Cat in a Flat comes in. Cat in a Flat is a cat loving, cat sitting community, it connects cat owners with vetted and insured cat sitters in their neighborhood. Its mission is to help cats stay in the comforts of their own home / sock drawer while their owner is away.

All cat sitters are fully insured, undergo all the checks and are required to write a full, personal profile. Cat owners are encouraged to meet the sitters beforehand to make sure the ‘boss’ approves of their choice.

Cat in a Flat is purrfect for anyone planning a holiday and wanting to cancel out stressful ventures to catteries. Or anyone who simply just wants more cats in their life. So whether you’re a cat owner or a cat lover, this is the community for you.

Next time you go away, why not try and find a trusted cat sitter through It’s also a great way to meet some more ‘like-minded’ people in your neighbourhood.

Ps. Here are some great tips on how to prepare for your cat sitter 🙂