FlexiDog – Dog Joint Supplement Helps Alleviate Joint Pain for Dogs. 5 STAR Reviews

Joint pain is part of the aging process for dogs. As working vets with over 30 years’ experience, we’ve come to know a thing or two about dog joint health and arthritis. We have found out that many joint problems are insidious and your pet is in some discomfort before showing any obvious symptoms. So you have to be aware of the early more subtle signs. For example, lying down more, some reluctance on going upstairs or jumping into the car, some stiffness on getting up after being asleep for a period. All these are easily missed in you are not careful!

Through extensive research over many years in practice we created FlexiDog / FlexiK9 a high quality, safe, delicious supplement to help maintain your dog’s joint health. We’ve created and developed this joint supplement based on feedback from our many clients over the years, and our own personal experiences.  FlexiDog has undergone a lot of trials and testing to make sure the ingredients work as well as possible, before we have made this available for public use.

We have a lot of evidence that the ingredients we use actually do work in many pets with stiff joints and mobility issues, arthritis and joint pain based from our recent test and from some recent customer’s proof of reviews.

5 Star Review:

I have now already order and received my second order of Flexidog. This in itself should acknowledge how good I think the product is. I have a 4 year old rescue dog, who had a bad start in life and whilst eager to run around and enjoy her new life, seemed to pick up the odd limp and stiff muscle too easily. My previous dog suffered arthritis from an early age so I knew all the remedies and supplements that through the years she had been placed on. When I read those on your product all in the one tablet I thought they were worth a try at least. To be honest, within 3 days we had seen a difference and within in a week, other people were commenting on how bouncy and happy she seemed. We hadn’t realised that she had slowed down, now we struggle to keep up. If you come across a human version, I could do with the transformation myself. Previously by 9pm she was happy to go and take herself to bed. This last 2 weeks we have needed to add an extra walk at that time for 45 minutes. I would highly recommend these to anyone” said Lisa in a verified Amazon review.

Another satisfied customer named Jo stated that her puppy miraculously heals the shoulder joint issue. She commented, “What a great product. My dog has no trouble at all taking this supplement, he knows where it’s kept and looks for it 😉 the follow up service is second to none, the people who made this really care about animal welfare. My dog is leading a happy healthy life and enjoys walking, running and most of all fetch. He is only a puppy but his has a shoulder joint issue and this product came highly recommended. I now know why.

You can’t reverse joint disease of your old dogs but you can possibly slow down the progression and prevent some of the worst problems by at least trying FlexiDog from Simply Pets Online, and remember we have a 100% guarantee, so if after 6 weeks it has not helped your dog, we will refund your monies.

With unique omega 3 ingredients called ETA to assist in soothing stiff joints. The high content of these active oils is one of the reasons why Flexidog works quickly on joint pain and arthritis.

Paul and Sarah

Dr P Proctor BVSc (Hons) MRCVS & Dr S Middleton BVSc MRCVS GPCert (FelP)

Co-founders: Simply Pets Online Ltd

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