Silicone KittyMatBowl Receives A High Level of Favorable Feedback From Customers on Amazon

Is this how your cat normally eats?!! Well, we have an answer with no more mess!!

Unique innovative way to feed your cat or small dog, no mess, easy to clean and separate portions, was developed by 2 vets to use in their own clinic.

The KittyMatBowl from Simply Pets Online is a high quality food grade silicone dish and pet food placemat that has received high levels of favorable feedback from customers.

Since being released on Amazon, the Cat Bowl and Feeding Mat has received 5 star reviews from online shoppers.

With 80% of all reviewers rating the product with full five star ratings, the highest possible on Amazon, high levels of customer satisfaction is evidenced by its average rating of 4.5 stars. Five star ratings are used by many shoppers on Amazon to determine the quality of a product and influence purchasing decisions. Items with high ratings are of good quality, durable, helpful, make their life easier and this is believed to be the case with the KittyMatBowl.

Our silicone KittyMatBowl is built with a 1-inch deep ridge that helps users separate cat foods, whether wet or dry, from cat treats and water.

In addition, its non-slip, placemat base helps to keep cat food and water from off the floor, preventing messes. The cat food bowl is also easy to keep clean, requiring only warm soap and water, and can also be placed in a dishwasher.

Additionally, the Silicone cat bowl and feeding placemat are praised for being easy to use, its ability to stick or  glued to the floor or any flat surfaces preventing your cat or pet to spill out the bowl.

This is a unique and extremely practical bowl/mat. I do not use it for water but I do for food. It cleans up so easily and stays secure on the floor. I only use one of the “bowl” indentations because my animals do not free-feed and I only give them one type of food at a time. For this reason a single “bowl” would serve better but it’s not a big issue. It would also work well for a small dog.” said MOJO in a verified Amazon review.

The product also comes with several safety benefits in that it is free from harmful chemicals, including BPA, PVC, BPS, lead and Phthalates.

The KittyMatBowls are sold exclusively on the number one online shopping marketplace, Amazon and on our websites below.


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