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Trimming dogs nails is NEVER an easy pet grooming task, using the right technique and best quality dog nail clipper, specifically designed for the job is essential!

Please watch the video below on how to cut your dog’s nails using dog nail clippers from Simply Pets Online. In this video you will see on how easy to cut your dog nails using our personally designed dog nail trimmers created by 2 veterinarians.

Using a premium dog nail trimmer or dog nail cutter, r will make your job much easier. These professional dog nail cutters are designed by two veterinary surgeons for safe and easy trimming of your dogs nails.

These clippers are used by Vets and in Grooming parlors all over the world and are especially useful for large dogs, as they are sharp, easy to use and created from the highest quality materials including stainless steel.

WHY Simply Pets Online Dog Nail Cutters?

  • They are made of the finest quality stainless steel, so are durable and remain ultra sharp for a long time.
  • The ergonomic handle with a bonded bright colored rubber grip is designed to allow safe slip free clipping with maximum comfort.
  • These newly designed dog nail trimmers allow safe and accurate dog grooming with a greatly reduced risk of injury, as they are very sharp and have an inbuilt optional nail guard.
  • Clipping your dogs nails will be quicker, safer and a much more comfortable experience with these vet designed dog nail cutters.
  • We use these nail cutters professionally almost every day in our clinic.
  • The only dog nail clippers you will ever need

Of course, you will ask for proof. Read our Customer Feedback below for proof on why they pick Simply Pets Online Dog Nail Cutters for their dog nail trimming tools.

With a 222 total for 5 star positive feedback and With 91% of all reviewers rating the product with full five star ratings, the highest possible on Amazon, high levels of customer satisfaction is evidenced by its average rating of 4.9 stars. Five star ratings are used by many shoppers on Amazon to determine the quality of a product and influence purchasing decisions. Items with high ratings are considered to be of good quality, durable, helpful, make their life easier and this is believed to be the case with the Simply Pets Online Dog Nail Cutters.

Must helpful review (read the full review on Amazon): “At last a pair of clippers that actually works!! These clippers are the best clippers I have ever had – I have thrown all our other ones away as they are useless in comparison. I wouldn’t say there is anything fancy about these clippers, however they are nice and sharp, good quality and they are up to the job. Our dogs are whippets and so I guess they are a medium sized dog – these clippers….

Must helpful review (read the full review on Amazon): “Fantastic clippers they are extremely well made, comfortable to hold and razor sharp resulting in a good quick and clean cut. If the guard is very tight just loosen the screw on the front slightly this enables you to move the guard to the suitable position. I did feel they were very expensive, however, now that I have them and can see…..

Must helpful review (read the full review on Amazon): “I am so glad I found this product – it is amazing! Before now I have used guillotine style nail clippers – however they were not sharp or strong enough and my dog would be quite distressed. So I would end up leaving it to the vet or groomers. However these nail clippers are so quick to use and strong enough to cut my dogs very thick nails with ease – that there is no longer the doggy / owner anxiety. Glad I didn’t opt for cheaper imitations…”

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Co-founders: Simply Pets Online Ltd

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