Slow Feed Cat Feeder Bowl From Simply Pets Online: Does size really matter?

Many cat owners question how important is the size of the feeding bowl for cats. Is cat bowl size important for my cat?

Most cat bowls are very small and naturally, this is what most feline owners think of when they imagine any feeding dish that is designed for cats.

This was a very important question to the Feline Veterinarians at Simply Cats Vet clinic as they tested and developed a totally unique slow feed bowl for cats on behalf of Simply Pets Online LTD.

The vets at the practice send a range of slow feed bowl designs to other vets and cat owners for testing. A central aim of the research was to find out if the size of cat food bowl and the shapes inside the bowl would influence the effectiveness of the slow feed bowl.

Remember the aim of the dish is behavioral modification, to slow down eating and enhance feeding activity, of those cats and small breed dogs, eg Pugs, French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers etc. This is challenging as the bowl needs to be just difficult enough to slow down eating and prevent gulping food etc, but also must be fun and not cause the cat to become bored. Dogs are much more tolerant of slow feed bowls than cats!!


The result of the study and research surprisingly confirmed that the size of the bowl and the maze or puzzle inside was a big factor regarding the efficacy and the bowls ability to slow fast eating cats down!

So, how big should the cat food bowls’ diameters be? Or what’s the perfect size of the bowl for cat?

No single answer is correct but in our testing the larger size bowls worked best, ie they slowed down eating but still allowed most cats to get enough food reasonable easily to stay interested.

So this is why Simply Pets Online recommend this cat slow feeder bowl with dimension of 26 x 31 x 4 cm as in testing this size worked best for most cats.

The cat feeders bowl or slow feed cat bowl is carefully designed to slow down feeding. Help control canine or cat obesity with the maze in a bowl and a calorie controlled diet. Best not only for cats but for over-weight small breed dogs and fast eaters pet or those that suffer from obesity and digestion problems.

The bowls work very well on short nosed breeds of dogs as earlier eg Pugs, French bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pekinese etc

These unique feeders are high quality, eco-friendly and manufactured from totally natural food and pet safe materials Bamboo Fiber and Rice Husk. Plus we have a bonus downloadable e-Book available for free, on The Ultimate Guide to Cat Behavior by 2 cat vets when you purchase our very own slow feed cat feeder bowl.

This e-book helps you to speak cat and understand feline psychology, so enhancing the understanding of your cats and how they may react to the bowl.  Especially if your cat initially does not like the bowl! However, with time almost all cats will accept and use the dish in our experience.

So if you would like to slow down your cat or small dogs eating and / or help your pet lose weight, give the dish a try with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The links are below.


One verified Amazon purchaser  DG1986  commented, “This is a brilliant product, it has slowed down my 2 rescue cats’ eating speeds from 5 minutes to 20-30 minutes whilst giving them a stimulating activity. They have stopped asking from more food after mealtimes and really enjoy the challenge of the maze. One is 6 months’ old and her mum is 18 months’ old. The mum was less keen at first but after the third mealtime using the slow feed bowl she realised that it was her only way to get a meal so got properly stuck in. Both use it equally efficiently. It has been smooth sailing ever since. I have attached a video and a photo of them using it for reference. ”

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